The Present

The Real David Cameron - About

I am a presenter/speaker, trainer, mentor, coach and adviser. I have delivered at conferences at home and abroad, including TEDx Buenos Aires, Northern Rocks and I work with schools throughout the UK and internationally, alongside some of the most influential people and the best practitioners in the world of education and training.  You can use the links to access reviews and videos.

I want to make a difference and believe that I can.

The difference that I want to make is ensuring that all young people have an education that brings richness to their lives.

I want them to be able to think for themselves and to be committed to building a better world than the one that they are inheriting.  I think that I can do this by helping those working with them to recognise their strengths and to find the energy to build on them.

I want to offer support, perspective, analysis, approaches and tools so that aspirations become ambitions and ambitions become realities, all to the beat of some banging tunes, heartrending videos and a lot of laughter!

The past

Lest anyone thinks that I am some mere chancer with a line in motivational quotes, here is my professional pedigree. It might not get me to Crufts, but it has served me pretty well.

I  was Director of Children’s Services for Stirling Council. Before that I was Head of Education in East Lothian.  I have been an Area Manager providing support and challenge to a large group of schools in Fife, Performance Review  Manager with overall responsibility for Quality Assurance and, before that an Adviser responsible for curriculum development and assessment.

I worked in schools up to the early ‘90s and have extensive experience in school management at all levels and experience of leading a major national development of curriculum and assessment in Scotland introducing new Standard Grade courses.

I was President of the Association of Directors of Education Scotland and have been involved with a range of national groups, notably on Curriculum for Excellence, Outdoor Education and Looked After Children.

As a consultant, I have supported Midlothian Council in their reorganisation of services to Children and Families and engaged with Skills Development Scotland in a major review of policy procedures and practice.  I have since led reviews on class size regulations and arrangements for devolved school management.